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Rishishwar Logistics offers special cargo service to cater all your logisctics needs.


Rishishwar Logistics Pvt Ltd has extensive experience in packaging and transporting hazardous material Via Sea, Air and road transportation. The company can arrange pickup and delivery from all major trading centers throughout the world. Rishishwar Logistics is efficiently backed by a knowledge based team updating with government regulation worldwide.

Our procedure concerning dangerous goods is based on the following references:

No dangerous goods can be loaded on vessel freighted by Rishishwar Logistics Pvt ltd without prior acceptance of Dangerous cargo by carriers who will issue acceptance confirmation so that there is safety of cargo of our client and also others loaded on vessel and secure our clients for any kind of penalties for sending cargo without proper acceptance of the carrier. Acceptance of hazardous cargoes does not relieve shipper so we take due care in stuffing, custom clearance, loading of the cargo on vessel, and till the cargo reaches at destination safely.

Inclusion of Hazardous cargo Request requires following documents to get acceptance in prior from carriers:

Inclusion of Hazardous Cargo Request following points are checked for the acceptance of the Hazardous cargo:

For maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods, materials or articles, the International Maritime Orgination has classified them in 9 classes:

  • Class 1, Explosives
  • Class 2, Gases
  • Class 3, Flammable Liquids
  • Class 4, Flammable Solids
  • Class 5, Oxidizing substances organic peroxides
  • Class 6, Toxic and infectious substances
  • Class 7, Radioactive material
  • Class 8, Corrosives substances
  • Class 9, Miscellaneous dangerous substance and articles


Rishishwar Logistics Pvt Ltd is committed to ensure that perishable shipments will arrive on time. Different Kinds of perishables that has been handling include Foodstuffs, Agro-Products, Pharmaceuticals, and More. Rishishwar Logistics Pvt Ltd works with compliance with the established International standards and regulations. Freshness is always maintained, as the products are stored in the cool rooms and freezers where the temperature is systematically controlled. The advanced facilities can hold dozens of ready- built aircraft pallets, and we aim to further expand such services in the future and meet the growing demand.

Service Highlights

  • Cold room facilities to handle the broadest range perishables
  • Customized packaging and carful handle of the goods
  • The consignment is always sent on the most direct route, with fewest transit stops, thereby minimizing the elapsed time and eliminating unnecessary climatic changes


Rishishwar Logistics is equipped to handle over – dimensional shipments safely, whether they are moving overseas, locally, or anywhere with in the country. The company is well versed in the required permits, legal restrictions and necessary equipment to ensure the smooth transit of over- dimensional freight anywhere in the world. Specially designed containers and material handling equipment are used to carry Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) and Over weight Cargo (OWC) such as oilfield equipment, power plants, compressor stations and so on. For bulk cargo, special equipment with larger capacity is used. We have well maintained transport facilities to move the ODC and overweight cargo from Factory to the Gateway and so on.

The services are intended for:

  • Heavy Loads
  • Generators / Transformers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Heavy Transport
  • Turbines
  • Machinery Requiring Specialized Packaging

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